E-commerce project leader

Игорь Бахарев
25 Ноября 2013, в 16:57
Описание вакансии
  • Develop E-Commerce and CRM strategy and coordinate it within the company and with Headquarters.
  • Create and handle project plan, coordinate all activities providing timely execution; develop key work processes and guidelines.
  • Manage project budgets to maximize efficiency and provide goals achievement.
  • Provide consumer analysis and regularly update consumer segmentation for targeted sales offers and communications.
  • Drive long-term consumers’ loyalty and recurring sales to secure commercial returns on investment.
  • Coordinate E-Commerce marketing activities within the team and Headquarters. Increase traffic and conversion rate on the website with incorporation of best tools and practices
  • Maximize E-Commerce revenue and ensure profitability.
  • Work with agencies and partners, manage day to day interactions and be accountable to their performance.
  • Ensure brand consistency and product communication guidelines compliance across all E-Commerce and CRM communications; drive synergy into One Samsung Brand.
  • Work seamlessly within the Marketing Team as well as with the Product Teams to synchronize and coordinate strategies, marketing activities plans and executions.
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