ECommerce Business Navigation & Operation Project Leader

Игорь Бахарев
11 Сентября 2013, в 08:34
  • The purpose of the job is to coordinate, implement and manage the financial and operational processes which are required to establish and operate an eCommerce/multichannel operation based on the global BNOM guidelines for eCommerce and adapted for the Russia Retail organization.
  • Setting up financial reports such as profit and loss, forecasting, scenario planning, total cost, returns for eCommerce/multichannel retailing.
  • Development of a fraud awareness and prevention system for the eCommerce/multichannel unit in the country based on the Global BNOM guidelines for eCommerce/multichannel.
  • Development of a communication strategy (follow up) between eCommerce/multichannel unit and other connected teams (Sales, Logistics, Distribution, Transport)
  • Development of an easy online buying process that makes it simpler and convenient for customers to make purchases at all times on the online shop and encourage repeat visits.
  • Negotiation of cost-effective contracts connected to the units internal needs using the tools and competence provided by IKEA Indirect Materials & Services (IMS). This needs to be done with consideration for the environmental impact.
  • Development of legal responsibility for ASR/Administration, rules and guidelines, local routines and external regulations (eg. consumer regulations, compliance, etc.) in co-operation with the central legal department.
  • Responsibility for accurate administration in accordance with the legal framework in the country and the IKEA financial rules connected to cash administration, accounting and fraud prevention.
  • Ensuring that the unit is aligned with IKEA standards and has the appropriate and approved tools in place to maximise productivity and efficiency.
  • Establishment of operational service level agreements and work closely with the operations teams and IT.
  • Defining the department structure based on global input incl. job description of the team members.
  • Coordination of business plan process for eCommerce/multichannel and translate business plan into figures.
  • Experience of retail and/or home furnishing.
  • Experience of working at management level in Business Navigation&Operation
  • Experience in eCommerce.
  • Experience in creating and implementing long-term strategic plans, business plans, setting budgets and following up goals.
  • Proven record of consistently meeting agreed budgets, goals and deadlines and working on plans.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Good project management Skills.
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.
  • Computer skills and high proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Good English, spoken and written.
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